Saturday, 5 November 2011

pointless pointclaire

The other week Leen & I had a nice adventure day. And I must say I'm quite proud of us. Lately weve been more modivated to get off our bums and I believe this is the start of something new.
We went to Mount Royal to grab some lunch, and shopped around in the local shops. Didnt get much other than food, because were cheap broke bitches at the moment, but took some notes for future refferences. In which we could bring up during our deep convo's moments deciding what we should do 'tomorrow'. Like the theKahwa Cafe we should have gone to..

Took a few pictures. I'm still regretting not complimenting that cool author lady during lunch. There was something about her. Something tells me we'll be running into her in the future though.
                                                                                . . .

                  Ofcourse we finished off with going to chaps for some coffee and mini cupcakes 


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