Sunday, 6 November 2011

Last night,  I got a new kitty friend. Her name is Gully, and I've fallen quite hard for her.

She's a calico, and damn is she cute. We spent all last night cuddling in my tent. Which is exacly what were doing right now. Well, she's cuddled up in a ball on my shoulder.
I've been taking loads of pictures of her,I just can't stop..

                                       She enjoys walking all over my keyboard, its adorable

Also, yesterday I got my long awaited triforce t-shirt

                                  hehe, kitty on t-shirt.
                         Got this funky patch, so needa find something worthy to sew it on
                    And this cardboardy patch too! Not really sure what it is, maybe a coaster
                                    Annnnnnd a paper crain, which Gully's using as a hat

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