Saturday, 1 September 2012

What's new, lets see.
Started school on monday. Second semester of college (though I consider this one my first,because night courses are nothing like day courses. So many people ramming into you and whatnot.)

 We thought we had gotten an awesome locker spot:
  but we shortly realized we were wrong.  
Though Lurche is right around the corner witch is oddly comforting

Sunday night we ordered pizza and had a nice "last supper" before school started:

Comic con's in one week and six days, and that's pretty much occupying my mind. Still gotta gather all my things for my tank girl cosplay:
-Pez despencer (star wars prefferably)
-faux knife
-sexy short T (paint bullseye on it)
-band-aids & bandage
-Finish making slingshot 
-Faux cigar
So far:

Oh, and leen and I ran into these two girls today who were obvisouly aliens enjoying their first day in human bodies. Were convinced they're going to betray their kind and stay here on earth because they have fallen for their human selves.
        & took some pictures tonight: