Sunday, 25 March 2012

Another sunday at it's best

So today I went up North to indulge in some good Ol' Classic cabane au sucre.
A long table full of sugary and fatty foods, with a nice warm mug of maple coffee.
Got to watch my dad and Opa talk all day about cars and trying to impress eachother by acting rad but not in a gross manly way (It was beautiful).

                                 I just love my dad's facial expression in this one(just screams dad) and the the sugar looks beautiful.
                                 Meet, Dog. We hung for awhile.
 Yeah, I fed the shit outa that goat

After we were done, we drove down to the flea market.
Opa: "How much you think this chest is worthe?"
Me: "...A few hundred?" (I though that was even low)
Opa: "Do you want me to smack you up across the head??" (yes I do)
Me: *nervous laugh*
Then he pulled me to the side holding on to my arm explaining to me the ways of the flea market and how I try to pay as little as possible.
I bought this funky blue glass head. Mannaged to haggle it down to 20$ from 34$ (I was hoping Opa would be proud. I wonder if he was)

And also got this super comfy (alapaca fur?) flowy shirt. [only paid 9$ thanks to my Opa harrasing the poor little man)
Took some foto's

Friday, 23 March 2012

Can't sleep.
So tell me, How do you feel?

Tonight Im scared I'll dream of sinking in quicksand

Monday, 5 March 2012

It's actually interesting how many videos I have like this:

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Macaroni & Cheese

I feel like the past thirty hours or so were really special [which is so not the right word to use]. I can't really remember exacly what happened, and trying rack my head around it kindof stresses me out. I guess it was just the whole non-planned aspect of it all. And Im pretty sure the fact that I was supose to be at work but wasn't, played a huge part in it all. 
Ah well, took some pictures with Leen. always fun.

And we went for lunchhh, mmmmmm